While humanity patiently awaits for teleportation device to be invented, we are filling this gap with VirtuEye. Yes, we know it‘s not the same. But it‘s close enough. Being in one place physically and looking around in the other is an extraordinary experience. Very practical too. The times when you had to physically visit the place to see it have ended.

Our clients are real estate companies, interior designers, artists, game developers, travel agencies, galleries, museums. Anyone willing to preserve the reality as it is - in stereoscopic 3D, high resolution and high dynamic range.

VirtuEye's job is to erase the line between real and virtual worlds. We developed technology which enables us to do that with unprecedented quality and precision.




Virtual Borders is a project that combines high-end technology and art in order to fully immerse the spectator into the experience.

Three large-scale sculptures were built and installed in the middle of nowhere in the Arizona desert and viewers are invited to experience the desert via virtual reality here.

Just slide your iPhone to a Virtual Reality Headset and you're ready to experience a stereoscopic and immersive virtual tour in Arizona desert.

Download Virtual Borders for your smartphone:


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